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Tiidal is an esports and gaming platform company focused on owning and operating synergistic businesses focused on media and technology in the gaming ecosystem, including its wholly-owned subsidiaries Sportsflare and Lazarus Esports. Tiidal is focused on enabling competitive gaming and building the future of game-based entertainment. We focus on media and entertainment as we believe the key to success is engagement; both our media and technology operations focus on increasing positive fan and consumer engagement and 10-X’ing the esports experience.

Our technology business is branded as Sportsflare. Sportsflare’s product suite delivers robust odds feed and advanced technology solutions for a variety of partners, including sportsbooks, online betting, media, and video gaming companies. Using applied deep learning and artificial intelligence (“AI“) research, Sportsflare has established a state-of-the-art technology platform for its products that comprises an AI esports engine that accurately produces predictions for hundreds of in-game outcomes in real-time (micromarkets), a data platform that conducts the aggregation and analysis of various data sources, and a trading platform that not only updates in-play and pre-match prices based on betting activity but also offers automated bet settlements. Additionally, Sportsflare offers market-leading innovation with Bet-on-Yourself offerings that expand the engagement and gaming possibilities by allowing players to compete against the environment without an opponent.

Our media and entertainment focus is currently housed under our Lazarus Esports operations. Lazarus Esports is Canada’s first established esports team and #1 ranked by historical winnings in Canada. Lazarus Esports is focused on developing the global gaming market and building authentic community while supporting professional gamers and content creators at the highest level for greater success to be a bridge to the next generation of fan and consumer.

Generational Shift

Technology has forever changed sports, entertainment, and media.

Ven diagram showing the intersections of Tiidals services: Branding & Marketing, Talent & Culture, Competitive Entertainment, Media