Tiidal Gaming Group Corp. (CSE: TIDL) Investor Webinar

Time: Apr 5, 2022 02:00 PM

Registration Link: Register for Tiidal Gaming Corp. Investor Webinar – April 5th, 2022

During the webinar, Tiidal’s management team will be discussing/showcasing:

  • Global Esports Betting Industry
  • B2B Partnerships with Betting Companies
  • Media Engagement, Sponsorships and Partnerships
  • Demo of Betting Products (Bet-on-yourself, Betbuilder and Micromarkets)


Tiidal is a leading media and technology platform enabling next generation engagement in esports and gaming. They are positioned at the intersection of gaming, media, and betting and enable their partners to create positive, engaging, and immersive fan and consumer experiences through their industry-leading media and technology offerings, which include Sportsflare and Lazarus.

  • Total global esports audience is expected to reach 577.2 million people in 2024
  • Global esports betting market size is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.67% from US$7.76 billion in 2019 to US$18.5 billion by 2026
  • Sportsflare is one of the first B2B skill-based wagering and odds provider on popular video games. It offers esports betting odds, ‘Bet-on-Yourself’, Betbuilder (1st & only same-game parlay solution designed for esports) and Micromarkets; Sportsflare has 60+ B2B integrations with sports betting, media and fantasy sports websites and apps across five continents
  • Lazarus Esports is Canada’s 1st professional esports organization and is ranked #1 in Canada, top 17 in North America and #34 globally with historical winnings of US$5.2 million. It has a content and media team consisting of 30+ content creators and 23+ professional gamers – Lazarus talent has a combined 8.3+ million followers across social media platforms


  • Tom Hearne  – Chief Executive Officer
  • Charlie Watson – Chief Gaming Officer
  • Max PolaczukChief Technology Officer

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